Michelle my Belle

She is a real Hollywood sweethaert and is constantly on the best-dressed list. Her style is innocent and sexy, boyish and feminine, down-to-earth and diva…all at the same time. Who would have thought that the TV star from Dawson’s Creek would grow up to become this stunning elegant woman. She has a face of an angel and has a fashion sence to be jealous about. She dares to take risks on the red carpet, but somehow always stays true to her style. Her signature short blond hair and her beautiful smile make her stand out any time. She is a contemporary style icon, that I truly adore.

Label: SuperTrash

The brand stands for living a successful life, being sophisticated and not being afraid to show who you are. The SuperTrash woman combines outspoken personality with effortless style, yet she is never too polished and her outfits always have that element of surprise.

The brand was brought to big European success by Dutch fashion entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen. Now SuperTrash is well-known in the global fashion industry. With a retail network of over 1,600 high-end boutiques and department stores, SuperTrash has become a major power player in today’s fashion industry.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection this summer. You can check out the full collection online.

Rumour confirmed!

A few days ago I mentioned in one of my posts the rumour of H&M launching a luxury line. The retail giant has now decided to address the press and confirm the company’s new initiativ.

CEO Karl-Johan Persson said in a statement: ‘Like COS, which today is very successful with good profitability, the new chain of stores will be independent and complement the other offerings from the Group. We have great faith in this new brand and we see considerable potential for further initiatives.

Keeping tight lipped, ensuring even more anticipation from customers, he continued:  ‘We are making these long-term investments in order to build an even stronger H&M, so that we can give our customers an even broader offering going forward. We have many different projects in progress.’

Camilla Emilsson-Falk, Head of Media Relations for H&M, said: ‘We see the new chain as a complement to H&M. It will be at a slightly higher price bracket and with a little better quality, but still stay within the framework of our business concept – fashion and quality at the best price.’

Super exciting news if you ask me! The new label is said to be launched in Europe in spring 2013. Patience, patience, patience…

Gucci and Guess in court

The battle is on! Gucci and Guess faced off in federal court for the first time this week. Gucci sued Guess in 2009 for selling items with “studied imitations of the Gucci trademarks” including a green and red stripe design, a square G, the designer’s name in flowing script and interlocking G’s in a diamond pattern, all details commonly found on Gucci products.

If Gucci wins the case, Guess not only needs to pay them 26 million dollars…but  give them also part of the earning made with those pieces (estimated 98 million dollars).

We should know more in a couple of week. Looking at the pictures here, Gucci has a pretty good case if you ask me…