Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

I had been using Chanel Precision skin care for many years, but since several months I noticed that my skin was not reacting well on the products any longer. I have now discovered Dr. Huaschka skin care products and I have been testing them for a few weeks. And I am really happy with them. In this skin care range, I can use the normal product line and my skin (normally very oily T-zone) looks perfectly healthy. I haven’t had any problem with impurities and redness. Even the light couperose on my chin has decreased.

These products are 100% natural and I guess that  does the trick for my healthy looking skin now. I am convinced about the products and their approach to skin care!

Here are Dr. Hauschka’s 7 facts that will change your skin:

  1. Skip the night cream; your skin will thank you
    While you sleep your skin is actually hard at work regenerating itself, balancing oil production and expelling impurities.
  2. Like treats like
    Though it might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily complexion, it’s actually the most logical solution.. The skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced.
  3. Stop scrubbing—your skin is not the bathroom floor
    Not so commonly understood is how easy it is to damage your skin by over-cleansing, scrubbing, or using harsh drying or exfoliating products. Soaps, scrubs and harsh exfoliants can strip your face of its natural protection, resulting in dry, irritated skin and premature signs of aging.
  4. Ingredients matter…and quality ingredients matter most
    Dr. Huaschka relies exclusively on healthy, ecologically and socially responsible sources for our ingredients. They support sustainable, ecologically sound agricultural practices by obtaining as many of their ingredients as possible from certified Biodynamic and organic sources.
  5. Your skin is smart
    Your skin has an absolutely amazing ability to care for itself, responding constantly to changes in your internal and external environments. It needs a little help along the way, like protection from overexposure to harsh elements, or support when it gets thrown out of balance. The key is to encourage and strengthen your skin’s natural processes.
  6. Not all facials are created equal
    The key to our facials lies in balance and rhythm—and Dr.Hauschka signature face and body treatments are designed to support both.
  7. Rhythm is the key to health and Vibrancy
    Dr. Rudolph Hauschka recognized the power of rhythm, and envisioned a way to use nature’s rhythms to capture the vital life forces of plants without the use of alcohol or artificial preservatives. Healthy rhythms create a state of balance, encouraging a return to skin health and bringing forth a radiant beauty. Rhythm is at the heart of the work at Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. From the Biodynamic growing and harvesting methods to the unique processing techniques, product formulation and signature treatments, rhythm remains the key.

Click here to learn more about D. Hauschka. 

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