The skinny flare jeans

It is omnipresent in my wardrobe and it all started half a year ago with a pair from Zara in dark green velvet. It quickly evolved with a black Karen Millen and a dark blue J-brand jeans. And going on with blue Supertrash jeans and now for the spring, cognac pants and light blue jeans from Zara. All in skinny flare or sexy bootcut (whatever you want to call it). It is definitely the most flattering jeans, if the pants are long enough to wear with high heels. Combined with a smart jacket, they are perfect for the office. Or with a cute t-shirt/blouse and wedges, they are perfect for the summer. Try them out and put some flair into your wardrobe!

By the way, check out the flared jeans from Mango’s new face Kate Moss. We all know that when she sets a trend, it’s definitely worth while considering…

Zara               Zara                  Mango


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