Vogue’s new sister

Vogue has a new sibling! The Fashion Bible now has a Dutch sister. It is the talk of the town this week. I already found these first glimpses of the cover on the net. My membership is already in the pocket, so I hope to get it in my postbox any time soon! But seriously, I would have given my left leg to be at that launch party…

The Editor in Chief is Karin Swerinck, who previously was in charge of Glamour. She is definitely not a devil who wears Prada, more of a down-to-earth Dutch woman with a lot of fashion sense. I can’t wait to get immersed in her interpretation of Vogue.

Where it all started… 

Vogue first saw light in 1892, as a weekly magazine. It went through some tough times due to the depression and war, but during the 60’s it really found a new young audience that loved the magazine. In the 70’s it changed from a weekly to a monthly and it also underwent extensive changes regarding content and style. The famous and notorious Anna Wintour took over the scepter in 1988. She brought the magazine to a whole other level and created the queen of fashion magazines. Anna Wintour is definitely one of the most influential people in the global fashion industry, with the power to make or break a designer’s career. She was the inspiration of the movie “The Devil wears Prada”. After seeing “The September Issue”, I would prefer to call her a smart talented business woman (who wears Prada).


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