Packing for a city trip

I’m leaving for a city trip to Vienna and Prague, so I am facing the suitcase dilemmas… What to pack for a city trip? Travel light and be prepared for every occasion? Sounds hard to do. Here is my plan:

  1. 2 pairs of jeans: 2 different styles, 2 different colors
  2. 2 dresses: 1 casual or all-rounder + 1 party. I prefer to take dresses on trips instead of skirts and tops.
  3. comfy walking shoes: I don’t have many sneakers, so I always come back to my white Converse.
  4. 2 pairs of high heels: 1 pair of booties and 1 pair of pumps. This time around, I will take 2 pairs of booties.
  5. 2 handbags: 1 over shoulder that fits your camera and city guide + 1 evening
  6. 4 tops, blouses, t-shirts: different styles and colors
  7. 1 cardigan or pullover
  8. 1 blazer to pimp up your jeans
  9. 1 jacket: I will be taking my leather jacket with me
  10. scarves, sunglasses and some jewelry

It’s all about being able to mix and match what you have in your suitcase to make different outfits with limited pieces. Easier said than done!

Reading that list again, I am sure I will have more in my suitcase ;-) But I will surely keep some space open for the clothes I plan to buy there!

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