Wonder brows with neuBROW

I have to admit that as a teenager I was not so very careful with the tweezers. Unfortunately there was a trend at that time to go for very thin eyebrows, which I of course had to try out as well. As a result, I have only half of my brows left. I have found my solution in “permanent” make-up, of which I am very satisfied.

There is now a new wonder product on the market! After the eye lash enhancing serum, there is now the neuBROW Enhancing Serum. It’s tempting, but I also have serious doubts about these products. I am a marketeer and I know what you can do with pictures and endorsements.

Anyone out there who has really used these enhancing serums?

1 thought on “Wonder brows with neuBROW

  1. Have been using both Neubrow and Neulash for over two months. Have had wonderful results of lengthening and thickening in both areas, eyebrows and eyelashes. However, one caveat, the Neubrow darkened my eyebrows significantly. If this is not going to be a problem for you, you should have wonderful results.

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