Rumor has it…

...H&M is considering a higher-priced clothing line!

The Swedisch-based retail giant made a red-carpet splash in 2012 by dressing A-list stars as Viola Davis and Michelle Williams. Did working with guest designers like Versace and Marni, give H&M the idea to tackle a new market? They are very good marketeers, we have to admit that, and they have a very good sense of how to grow their brand. The new luxury collection would be in a higher price range as COS, the more expensive sister of H&M. According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, designer Behnaz Aram would be closely involved in this new project. Of course H&M is not confirming this rumor, but also not denying it… “We are constantly looking at new ideas; it’s a natural part of our work,” spokesperson Charlotta Nemlin teased. “However, there is nothing new that we can talk about for the moment.” We will be keeping our eyes and ears open!

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