Honest by – new online platform

I’ve already been talking in some of my previous blog posts about designers and labels with serious social (green) responsibility. There is another exciting project in the making, by Bruno Pieters called Honest by.

Bruno is a Belgian fashion designer who recently left his job as creative director at Hugo Boss to go on a sabbatical, during which he spent most of his time in Southern India. It is there where he found the inspiration for this new exciting project.

Honest by will be a new way of online shopping. The garments that will be sold on this platform, are all made with respect for people and animals, ensuring every component in every product has the smallest impact on our health and the environment. They will also offer an alternative to the traditional two-season fashion model. Summer and winter garments are offered all year around to recognize the increased frequency of international travel and the need to adapt to different climates and temperatures. Honest by continuously offers new collections from established and upcoming designers .

The collection of Bruno Pieters himself is already available online. A new designer with new collections will be launched on April 5th.

2 thoughts on “Honest by – new online platform

    • This is Bruno’s own project, nothing to do with Hugo Boss. I guess it will take some time before the big labels will create that kind of transparency in their processes. It will be interesting to see which labels will join this project in the near future.

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