Lacoste – Unconventional Chic

Last year, Lacoste introduced an updated look for its concept stores, a new advertising campaign titled ‘Unconventional Chic’ and fresh product lines. The rebranding follows the appointment of José Luis Duran as the CEO. His mission has been “to bring Lacoste into the modern world”, rejuvenating the brand to better meet the desires of its customers. In order to achieve that, he brought designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista – who has experience with brands such as Max Mara, Cerruti and Nike – into the company.

The Unconventional Chic campaign continues in 2012, introducing Adrien Brody as the face of the campaign for the men’s collection. Watch the mood clip with Adrien Brody on Unconventional Chic.

I truly believe that Lacoste has managed to give a new dimention to the brand and stay honest to its roots. It looked like the rebranding was not going into the right direction with the Eau de Lacoste advert, but the Unconventional Chic campaign was (and still is) a real hit! Lacoste has always been a quality brand and finally they managed to bring the crocodile into the modern world.

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