Zara slashed by the NY Times

Zara is entering the US market and thus far I had only heard positive things about that. Until I read a visit-report of The NY Times to the Zara store in Midtown NYC. They were only fixated on how much the collection resembles the runway collections of SS2012 and how unfriendly the staff was. Nothing positive to mention…

I’m in schock. As a Zara fan, I also know that they jump on trends very quickly and therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that they follow the trends of the high-fashion designers. But

that is nothing new. In each industry you have trend setters and followers. Although I wouldn’t say that Zara is just a trend follower. I guess that the person who did the field research for The NY Times has a good pay-check so he/she can shop at Chanel and Balmain. But for all the other girls out there, Zara is a source of good taste. I don’t like people who look down on retail brands and think everything should come from a designer. Therefore I am also a big fan of people like Olivia Palermo who effortlessly combines Zara and Topshop with expensive designer pieces. And we all saw how stunning Michelle Williams was on the red carpet wearing H&M.

My conclusion: Taste has no price tag!

You can read here the Zara article from The NY Times.

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