Bald and Beautiful Barbie

The Bald & Beautiful Barbie is finally becoming a reality. A bustling Facebook campaign urged toymaker Mattel to create a doll that appeals to kids undergoing cancer treatments or suffering diseases such as Alopecia, and after receiving 150,000 “likes” in under four months, Mattel will soon put the bald doll into production.

Mattel spokesperson Alan Hilowitz told that the doll will be created as “friend” of Barbie and that the dolls will be donated to children’s hospitals, as well as the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

The campaign for the “Bald and Beautiful Barbie” was started in January by Jane Bingham and Rebecca Sypin, both of whom have daughters who lost their hair due to cancer treatment. After the campaign gained nationwide attention, Mattel invited Sypin and Bingham to their headquarters to discuss their ideas in detail. They were told that a bald doll would go into production at a later date.

Despite the victory in having the doll produced, Bingham told that she still hopes to see the Bald and Beautiful Barbie on stores shelves one day.

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