Nail Polish becomes Fashion Accessory

And finally someone dared to say it out loud. Nail polish trends have completely gone crazy the last few seasons and finally they have established a new position in the fashion industry. Flashy, arty, colorful nails have acquired a cool factor. The new lacquers from mass marketers, trendsetters and high-fashion brands are the talk of the town. I have never seen so many tweets or blogs on nail polish before! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that popstars like Katy Perry, IT girls like the Kardashians and even designers like Thakoon have attached their names, and their images, to nail polish brands.

“We used to talk about the lipstick index,” Renato Semerari, the president of Coty Beauty, the parent company of top-selling brands like OPI and Sally Hansen, said, referring to the theory that lipstick sales are inversely correlated to economic health. “Now we talk about the lacquer index.” Mr. Semerari ascribed stellar sales mostly to the fact that “these days there is so much more to buy.”

Source: NYT

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