Promise Collection by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger just launched The Promise Collection, a suite of clothing inspired by designs from various African countries and made from textiles and materials procured from Africa. All proceeds from the collection will go to support Millennium Villages in Ruhiira, Uganda.

On the website, Katie Holmes – ambassador of this initiative – tells about her trip to Ruhiira earlier this year. “I was drawn to the project from the moment I heard about it, as its goal is not just to donate funds,” she said, “but to give villagers the support they need to create a self-sustaining future.”

The Promise Collection consists of shirts, shorts, dresses and accessories. When you purchase on the website, you can track how much will be given through sales and support from Tommy Hilfiger. Items are tagged in different categories based on what the consumer might be interested in contributing to. For example if she was interested in supporting education, she could buy the “Maputo T-Shirt.” I just checked the website and almost 1 Million Euros is already donated!

Check out the TH Promise Collection and learn all about Katie’s experience in Uganda. 

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