Valmont Eye Cream Cyto Complex

Beauty Report
I’m 37 years old and tried many different eye creams over the years. But I finally found one that really seems to work!

Until recently I was still using Chanel and experimenting with Dr Hauschka. At the beauty salon, they have the product range from Valomont. I already had several facials with the products and they are really good. Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive. So for now, I’ll stick with my Dr Hauschka of which I am very satisfied (see previous post).

Several weeks ago, the beautician persuaded me in buying the Cyto Complex eye cream from Valmont. The parts under my eyes were really dry and needed extra hydration. So, I’ve been using it now for several weeks, twice a day, and for the first time in my live…I really see the difference a good eye cream can make. I am using the Cyto Complex Factor II. It is not cheap, but compared to all the other products I have used before: it’s worth while the extra money.

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