Yohji Yamamoto working on movie

After Tom Ford, we have another designer sidetracking to movie-making. Yohji Yamamoto is very secretive about what the movie will be about, but he said it will not be based on himself. Yamamoto has commissioned somebody to write the script and expects to have the film wrapped up in two years at the earliest. “It’s very secret,” he said.

The designer has worked in the film industry before, as a costume designer. Fashion and costume design are distinct professions he says. “I don’t want to kill the characters of the actors and actresses with my ego.” He finds the work of certain costume designers hard on the eyes. “Have you ever experienced after starting to watch a movie that because of the ugly costumes, you cannot keep on watching? Have you ever experienced that? I have a lot. So in that respect costume [design] is very important,” said Yamamoto.

That being said, our expectations are pretty high for this movie and its costumes. But we will have to be patient for now.

Source: WWD

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