label m Dry Shampoo

Last week, I was at the hairdressers and bought this amazing product. I am not a fan of hair styling products such as foams, sprays and gels… but this is a whole different story. Although it is a dry shampoo, it is also a great styling product. The main hair trend this season is not too straight, not too wavy, just that great “natural look”. With Label m Dry Shampoo you add a brilliant matt texture for a soft-touch,velvet finish to the hair.

According to the hairdresser at Toni & Guy, this is the look we should all be aiming for. And as they are the masters of hair styling, I tend to believe him :-)
Unfortunately “natural” and “effortless”, means “work” for the most of us. I guess that Ashley Olsen sat in the hairdresser’s chair for a couple of hours in order to get that look. A quick fix with the dry shampoo is therefore the perfect solution for me.
The magic word here is TEXTURE!

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