Vogue Health Pact: the intentions were good…

but the execution failed.

A while ago, Vogue proudly communicated their Health Pact which basically meant that they would be working with healthy models in the future. Vogue China did use a healthy model for their June issue: Doutzen Kroes. Unfortunately, they felt the need to Photoshop her in a very unhealthy fashion, resulting into amputating her leg (and possibly also her arm).

I had already expressed my doubts about this pact from Vogue (read post), but this is just too crazy for words!

Emma Stone: Movie and Fashion Star

Emma Stone is growing! As an actress and fashion icon. She’s been on promo-tour for the Spider Man movie and she looked just ravishing!

I love her as an actress and based on the interviews I have seen with her, she is very down to earth and funny. I think with that attitude and her looks, she will have a succesfull career in the movie industry. The girl who convinced her parents to take her to Hollywood based on a PowerPoint presentation is becoming everybody’s darling. But for now, she mainly has eye for one person: her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. What a cute couple. You go girl!

Veronique Branquinho is back!

The Belgian designer is relaunching her brand in partnership with Italian clothing manufacturer Gibò, starting with a spring 2013 women’s ready-to-wear catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week in September.

Branquinho was forced to shutter her women’s and men’s lines at the height of the global economic crisis in 2009. Working with partner Gibò opens new opportunities: “Before, I had an independent company. I was responsible for everything. In this new situation, it feels so comfortable, because I’m only busy with the creative part.”

Branquinho burst onto the international fashion scene in the late Nineties alongside a pack of other Belgian talents, including Raf Simons, Olivier Theyskens and A.F. Vandevorst. Happy to see her back in the fashion scene and looking forward to her first comeback collection!

Veronique Branquinho – Ready-to-wear – Fall 2009