Maison Martin Margiela confirmed as Guest Designer

Earlier today, H&M confirmed that the rumors were right! Maison Martin Margiela will be collaborating with H&M, launching on November 15. This is really exciting news and, as a Belgian, I also feel very proud. This might be the first time that I will queue up at the H&M store.

H&M goes avant-garde!

MMM is surely not as big of a name as Versace or Marni, but this collection will definitely rock! The least you can say is that H&M doesn’t shy away from experimenting because this is not an obvious collaboration. Martin Margiela, who left the label in 2009, always kept far away from the public and commercialism. But the last few years you could clearly notice the brand more coming to surface and demanding the fashion recognition it deserves. And still keeping some of its mysterious characteristics in tact. I see this as a good evolution. Can’t wait for the collection to hit the high street!

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