Iggy Pop new face of Eleven Paris

What could Iggy Pop possibly have that we want in our wardrobe?

Hm, not that much if you ask me…

Apparently the brand ELEVEN PARIS thought differently about that. Admittedly the brand is very Rock & Roll, so it does make sense in a way… But still a brave choice to make. Although I think it’s more of a marketing statement: shock to get attention. And it’s working. Being differint and pushing the boundaries is what Eleven Paris, founded in 2003, stands for.

Iggy with Iggy                                    Sophie with Kate

Add to wish list: Vahram Muratyan Prada T-shirt

PRADA has teamed up with graphic designer and artist Vahram Muratyan to make a one-off T-shirt collection for men and women, inspired by creations from the spring/summer 2012 collection – from  heels with flame detailing to statement sunglasses. It will be in stores mid-July and each T-shirt will be priced at €150.

The fashion house already worked with the illustrator earlier this year to make a virtual lookbook named Prada Parallel Universes, which reflected his bold, playful style.