3 Tips to prepare for sales season

Here are 3 rules I keep in mind when hitting the sales. They might be interesting for you too.

1) Current summer trends

If you didn’t want to invest too much in the current one-off summer trends, this might be the good time to still find some trendy items to update your summer wardrobe:

  • colored jeans
  • something neon
  • wild print or floral items

2) Upcoming season trends

Some trends do last longer than one season. Checking out the winter trends, might be a good idea to buy something now that you can still wear upcoming season. FW2012 trends that you can also find in stores now are:

  • prints (retro wallpaper inspired)
  • cut-outs (mainly black)
  • sportswear (fancy, so not for doing sports)
  • big jewelry (mainly bark inspired)
  • pastels (lots of soft pink, but also baby blue and peach)
  • lace (black, red, grey and jewel colors)
  • strong colors: fire red, cobalt blue, fierce yellow, striking fuchsia

3) Check out the more expensive stores

Do you like some brands but they are just out of your budget? Now is the right time to check out their sales and get that item you really wanted….because now it fits your budget!

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