Should we give up on distressed jeans?

I have them in my closet and I guess most of you too. But when my coleague Elke mentioned the sandblasting scandal in factories in Bangladesh, I did some research and I was shocked.

20120705-235316.jpgSandblasting is a technique used to give denim that worn-out look. The technique can cause fatal lung diseases for the workers doing this job. That is the reason why it is not allowed any more in Europe. That resulted in jeans brands going to countries such as Bangladesh and India. In 2010 Levi’s and H&M initiated a ban against sandblasting. Many other brands like Mango and Versace followed.

In a recent report from the Clean Clothes Company,  jeans brands Levi’s, Lee, Diesel, H&M and others came under fire because they continue to work with factories doing sandblasting and therfore put the employees’ health at serious risk.

Knowing this, will you think twice next time you want to purchase a pair of distressed jeans?

Read the BBC article, April 2012: Killer jeans remain in production

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