Top 10 Accessory Rules from Anna Dello Russo

Here are her 10 TOP Rules:

1 ACCESSORISE ME, Color me, Shock me!

2 Choose only OFF-scale, HUGE, OVER-size, accessories.

3 Flashy jewels personalise your STYLE!

4 Amazing accessories will renew your ASLEEP closet: Your old, so beloved, little black dress will be reawakened by the impact of a chunky GOLDEN necklace.

5 Don’t want to give up your old consumed, shabby black coat? At least shake it with a THIGH-HIGH leather boots and a MASSIVE METAL clutch.

6 Bijoux are SEASON-LESS! Contrary during the heavy, rainy, greying, boring winter, wear TURQUOISE CORAL and GOLD, and the sun will rise again.

7 The BLING-BLING of jewellery drive away the ghosts and the bad thoughts.

8 Put bracelets in pairs: the symmetry of the TWINS-CUFFS emphasises your Silhouette.

9 Wear the evening-jewels in daytime. It’s UNEXPECTED!

10 And then, if you have to travel, store all your accessories in a turquoise TROLLEY decorated by gold baroque frames. Make SHINE the airport against the anonymity of all those grey suitcases.

On October 4th, the ADR for H&M ACCESSORIES collection will be out!

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