There can never be too many shoes!

In other words: there is always room for more shoe brands.

The designer Monique Lhuillier, most know for her bridal designs, is launching her first shoe collection for next spring. The Italian-produced shoes will feature exotic skins and lace, for which Lhuillier is known. “I wanted them to be sexy, feminine and glamorous.”

For the last three years, she did design footwear for her runway shows, but they were never produced for the public. As she said, “What I learned about the shoe business and the shoe process is that it takes a lot longer than making a soft garment.” Now that puts our expectations pretty high!

Top 10 Accessory Rules from Anna Dello Russo

Here are her 10 TOP Rules:

1 ACCESSORISE ME, Color me, Shock me!

2 Choose only OFF-scale, HUGE, OVER-size, accessories.

3 Flashy jewels personalise your STYLE!

4 Amazing accessories will renew your ASLEEP closet: Your old, so beloved, little black dress will be reawakened by the impact of a chunky GOLDEN necklace.

5 Don’t want to give up your old consumed, shabby black coat? At least shake it with a THIGH-HIGH leather boots and a MASSIVE METAL clutch.

6 Bijoux are SEASON-LESS! Contrary during the heavy, rainy, greying, boring winter, wear TURQUOISE CORAL and GOLD, and the sun will rise again.

7 The BLING-BLING of jewellery drive away the ghosts and the bad thoughts.

8 Put bracelets in pairs: the symmetry of the TWINS-CUFFS emphasises your Silhouette.

9 Wear the evening-jewels in daytime. It’s UNEXPECTED!

10 And then, if you have to travel, store all your accessories in a turquoise TROLLEY decorated by gold baroque frames. Make SHINE the airport against the anonymity of all those grey suitcases.

On October 4th, the ADR for H&M ACCESSORIES collection will be out!

Go sky high

How high are your heels? My comfortable net heel is max 9 cm. Everything above that is perfect for sitting and looking beautiful, but not for walking.

Based on a market research done by Compeed, the British women are the bravest of them all. They totter about in the highest heels in Europe (average of 8,5 cm). And they dont mind suffering for it: almost two thirds (65 per cent) of British women cited blisters as a significant source of pain resulting from wearing high heels. A good market for Compeed I guess.

The Spanish fashionistas were very close to the British in their love of height, wearing an average heel of 8 cm. Compared to that, The French and German woman are more conservative with average heels between 6 cm and 7 cm.

We have to admit that high heels are most of the time very uncomfortable, but you can’t deny the power kick it gives you. “Research has suggested that a tall woman is considered more assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful, independent and even more intelligent than her shorter peers.” That’s all we need to know. Case closed!

Dior’s retrospective

Dior is on a retro trip and I LOVE it!
Have you seen the latest commercial of Dior Addict with Daphne Groeneveld. So lovely, so Bardot! And now the Miss Dior Handbag campaign with Mila Kunis. Set in the 50’s in B/W. The fashion house is definitely celebrating its history. It’s all so classy and feminine, but with a playful and modern touch to it. What a beautiful example of good marketing!