New fashion bloggers segmentation…

That kids start with things much earlier than the previous generations is true, but I am not really sure what to make of this. When I was 6 years old, I was doing the styling of my Barbie doll. But in regards to my wardrobe, it was very simple: what my mother bought, I wore. Compared to this 6-year-old style queen, it just doesn’t seem fair what my mother did to me…

I am talking about Audrey Vasil, NY fashion muse for the Kiddie Style revolution. Blogsites like are really pushing this new segmentation of children street style.

It seems a bit exaggerated, but I also have to admit that Aydrey is a girl with a cool dressing style. Question is, how much of it is really her own and how much of it is by her mother. I see some pegeant-queen-mothers with new interests popping up…

Aren’t girls just supposed to play and dress up dolls?

One thought on “New fashion bloggers segmentation…

  1. We just came across this and although this is old, I would like to point out as Audrey’s mother, she has ALWAYS dressed herself.

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