Christy hearts Esprit

A while ago, I expressed my not so positive opinion on the Gisele campaign for Esprit. But this time around, the brand did everything right! I LOVE the campaign they have done with Christy Turlington.

It’s not a secret that Christy Turlington is a huge yoga fan and therefore she is the ideal face for the “wellness capsule collection” campaign that Esprit is running now. The “honest & inspiring” brand that Esprit wants to be perceived as nowadays, fits the mood & images of the campaign completely! In addition, Christy is also the face of the brand’s new fragrance “Just You”.

The brand has been working very hard on repositioning itself with a new corporate identity, new store concepts, new website etc. It’s all part of a huge company transformation, and based on their annual report, all the investments are starting to pay of. With the arrival of a new CEO – an ex-Inditex/Zara executive – earlier this year, exciting times are ahead of them.

After all these company and marketing changes, I hope they will start investing the same energy in making their collections more fashion forward. With a new trend division in place, I hope they will make that turnaround soon.

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