Woman of Style – Marion Cotillard

She is not just gorgeous looking, but also a very talented actress and singer with a her heart at the right place and both feet on the ground.

Marion Cotillard, born on September 30, 1975 in Paris, is best known for her Oscar-winning performance as Edith Piaff and being an ambassador of Christian Dior. But did you know that she is also a member of the French pop/rock band Yodelice (clip below)?

Marion grew up in a very artistic, creative surrounding and started acting at a very early age in her father’s plays. After theatre, she did some television work and in the mid 90’s she hit the silver screen (mainly in French movies). It was Tim Burton who casted her for her first English “Hollywood movie” for a supporting role in Big Fish. Her real break-through came with Edith Piaff and after that she started getting major roles in big block busters such as Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

The fashion world also started noticing Marion and her French effortless chic. She is a Dior ambassador since 2009 and wows everyone at each of her red carpet appearances.

Besides all the glamour of Hollywood, Marion is very grounded and prefers a simple life in Paris with her family. She is very interested in environmental activism and is an active spokesperson of Greenpeace.

Check her out on stage with Yodelice singing Velvet Goldmine.

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