I call it my boutique

Last weekend we moved house and the last few days I spent quite some hours getting my walk-in closet back together. Moving from a large to a smaller room is a big challenge. I still need to do some optimisations, but I am already happy with the current result.


On the one side I have all my skirts, dresses, pants and jeans hanging by style and colour. Below I have my super functional shoe racks and a possibility to put my designer shoes up for display. On the other side of the room, I have my pullovers, t-shirts and tops all folded and arranged by colour. There is always a lack of space for my bags, but I put my favourites up on display and the others in the cupboards and hanging on hooks. On top of the cupboards I’ve put all my jewellery. I still need to unpack my scarves and other accessories…and there is no space any more. ARGH… I might have to cross the hall to my boyfriend’s closet!

Do you have good tips to create more space in a small(er) walk-in closet? I am happy to hear all your suggestions!! I am in urgent need of some good ideas for boots. They take up so much space…

After all, there are only these lucky few for whom the sky is the limit:


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