Beauty update: Teint Visionnaire

It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post, so I’m happy today to share with you my view on the new foundation from Lancôme: Teint Visionnaire. I’ve been using the product now for several weeks and I LOVE it! I’ve got normal skin with an oily T-zone and I’m very high demanding when it comes to a foundation. The Teint Visionnaire has a satin finish and enough coverage to give you a natural looking perfect skin. A nice extra of this fond de teint is that there is also a small amount of the Visionnaire serum in it, so it doesn’t only make you look good… it also does good for your skin. The product comes with a concealer hidden in the lid of the bottle. The consistency of the concealer is a bit thicker than I’m used to, so I had to try out different ways to apply it. I figured out that it is best to use your fingers so you can smoothen the substance a bit. Coverage is very good and it holds all day long. This is also true for the fond de teint by the way. So, overall I am very happy with it and I’ve added it on my list of little beauty treasures.


2 thoughts on “Beauty update: Teint Visionnaire

    • I think I’m lucky because the 02 fits perfect in winter and during summer I take the 03. Maybe that is also the reason why I have been using the Lancôme foundations for many years. I know people who buy 2 shades and mix them to get their perfect match…. Yeah, it’s a bit of a beauty jungle out there. It’s the same with confection sizes: if they fit that’s great, if not you can search for good fitted clothes for a long time unfortunately.

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