Pictures and Quotes from the Vogue Festival 2013


Victoria Beckham on what advise she can give starting entrepreneurs:
“Be ambitious, aim high and stay focused.”

Alber Elbaz on the final advise his mom gave him before she died:
“She said to me: be big and small. I asked her: do you mean tall and skinny? She said: no, be big in your work and small in life.

Donatella Versace on her health routine:
“I run 3 to 4 times a week. But I had to fire one personal trainer because he didn’t allow me to smoke (during training).” 

Mario Testino on his most memorable shoot:
“Princess Diana, because she was a very special person and the significance it had for my career.”

Fiona Golfar, Vogue editor-at-large, during the body issue roundtable:
“Funny over skinny.”

Alber Elbaz and his magic wand

This time around he used his magic for his first make-up adventure with Lancôme.

Elbaz_portretElbaz questioned what he could bring to the world of cosmetics, but this is how he explains his contribution: “Once I was in a fancy place where there was this group of people that were all shining. The shoes were shining, the hair was shining, the skin, watches and diamonds — but the eyes were not shining. I thought if I were to do a project I would love to do a ‘happy eye’ project to make the eyes shine.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enter his brain for one day and see how he works his magic? Later today I will be off to London for the Vogue Festival and I am soooo looking forward to his talk on Sunday. More about that when I’m back in the Sofischoice office.

The limited-edition collection Hypnôse Show is due to hit counters worldwide on June 15.

Clean, cleaner, perfectly clean

I recently started using Perfectly Clean from Estée Lauder and I have to admit that I never used any cleanser that did the job so well. Really impressive! You only need a little amount to clean your whole face and in my case, I don’t need a separate make-up remover any more because the Perfectly Clean really makes your face perfectly clean.

Next month, Estée Lauder is coming with 5 new Perfectly Clean Multi-Action products. So instead of reaching for tube after rube of cleaners, lotions and toners, Estee Lauder promises to simplify the skin care routine as we know it. Sounds like music to my ears!


Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask – foaming cleanser leaves your skin feeling deep down clean and refreshed. It can be used twice a week as a purification treatment.

Triple-Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover – three products in one. It will clean your skin, remove long wear makeup and will tone your skin.

Multi-Action Creme Cleanser/Moisture Mask – rich non-foaming cleanser which pampers skin with conditioning ingerdients, keeping your skin feeling soft and refreshed. You can use it twice a week as an express mask to hydrate your skin.

Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner – exfoliating toner which not only buffs away surface dirt and impurities, it will also help your skins natural replenishment.

Multi-Action Cleansing Gelée/Refiner – gently exfoliator, using micro-beads which roll across your skin to give it a delicate polishing. It generates a soft lather that helps remove all traces of oil and impurities that can lead to clogged pores.

Spring Edit by Goop and Sofischoice (part1)

Several weeks ago, Gwyneth Paltrow posted her annual spring edit in collaboration with Net-A-Porter. There was quite some commotion around it, because in order to have her spring essentials in your closet you would have to put almost 350 000 Euros on the counter. That doesn’t sound very reasonable, does it? Because I believe that style doesn’t have a price tag, I made a budget friendly version of the goop spring edit. Here is part one:


Island treasures

Last week was a relaxing week off on Mallorca. But it was also a very special week because of 2 important milestones: I am no longer an employee and I am starting my own business. Scary and exciting at the same time. But more about that later…

For now, I wanted to share with you my little island treasures:

Shopping: Necklace and little pouch – Sfera; Bag – Bimba y Lola; Shoes – Brechia

Hotel tip: if you want a pure relaxing holiday in an exculsive adult-only hotel on the island of Mallorca, I can highly recommend the Fontsanta Spa & Wellness hotel. They have special thermal baths and the most amazing wrap and facial treatments.


Restaurant tip: for the best tapas in Palma de Mallorca go to Forn de Sant Juan! There was a picture on the wall of Alessandra Ambrosio eating there, so it’s model-approved :) The strawberries filled with crema catalan which we had as dessert were just heavenly! And the patatas bravas were sooooooooooooo good, I could eat those every day!