About Sophie

PIC002_SophieVerbeke_byStefanieFaveereHi, I am Sophie. Born in Belgium, lived in Germany for 5 years and now calling The Hague (Netherlands) my home.

I am an entrepreneur and marketing executive exploring the concept of personal branding. I strongly believe in the importance of creating the You Inc.

I am very passionate about fashion. My teenage idol Gianni Versace made me fall in love with Italian design. In the meanwhile I speak Prada very well ;-) I am proud to be Belgian and of the footprint we have made and still make in the fashion industry.

I love to travel. In my younger years that meant putting a heave back-pack on my back and exploring new cultures. Now it’s more city trips, road trips and “suitcase” holidays that spark my interest. Always staying curious and wanting to learn more.

Because of my huge interest in the fashion industry, my role models can also be found there. Miuccia Prada, because she can’t be categorised and she doesn’t compromise. She is a pure artist and symbolises innovation and courage. Courage also describes my other role model very well: Diane von Furstenberg. Diane is a woman with a warm heart and a big smile that transcends in her sense of doing business and humanitarian work.

In my blog, Sofischoice, I want to share my thoughts, ideas & random finds with powerful business women. In the hope, that I also learn new things along the way.

Ideas, questions, requests?

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