The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet

A few years ago, Amanda de Cadenet created and produced an alternative interview series together with Demi Moore. The goal was to get interesting women from different ages, industries and backgrounds in front of the camera and open up about their lives.


People like Diane von Fursternberg, Ivanka Trump, Rita Wilson, Alicia Keys and even Hillary Clinton open their hears and minds talking about life, love, careers, sexuality, parenting etc.

From time to time I watch these videos and each time I discover new motivations and inspirations. Because these women are so unpretentious, open and honest during these conversations I find it very refreshing listening to their ideas, experiences and opinions. I hope you can find something in them as well….



The success story of Mrs Spanx

With the reviving of Sofischoice, I also want to add some “business touch” to the blog. There is a new category called career stuff. I am intrigued by successful business women and their way to the top. This article about Sara Blakely, a corporate power woman, is the start of many more business stories to be shared. Nothing too boring, but things we can all learn from. 

Sara Blakely is the youngest self-made female billionaire.
Now that is a title to be proud of!

Sara is the founder of shape wear company Spanx. 15 years ago, at the age of 29, she invested her $5,000 life savings trying to come up with something flattering to wear under her white slacks. The rest is history.



Earlier this year, at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York, Blakely shared her best advice for entrepreneurs:

As soon as you can afford to, hire your weaknesses,” she said. “What you’re not good at is usually what you don’t like.”

Blakely hired a CEO to run the business when Spanx was just two years old. This allowed her to focus on the things she was good at, such as marketing, selling on QVC, and inventing new products.

No matter what your personality or skills may be, understanding how you can add the most value is the surest path to success.

Secret weapon

But a weakness can also be a secret weapon as Sara explains:

“One of my greatest weaknesses, is also one of my greatest strengths: being underestimated.

When you think of it, that is just brilliant. Women are so often undervalued in the business environment, that when you are competent and smart… you can win them over by surprise. Now that is something to keep in mind next time you are in front of a male audience.

Social Responsibility

She is not just at the high of her game when it comes to business and making money, she is also great at giving some of her wealth to charities supporting women and girls.

In 2013, she was the first female billionaire to join the Giving Pledge, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s bid to encourage the world’s richest people to give at least half their wealth to charity.


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