Summer-look of the week

Just came back from a very relaxing and sunny holiday on the island of Rhodes. Sun, beach, blue sky and 35 degrees every day assured. This was my daily holiday kit/look last week:

Bikini and sunglasses – H&M
Reading material – Grace, memoir of Grace Coddington
Sunscreen – Nivea Protect & Bronze 30
IPhone cover – Urban Outfitters
Perfect surf waves at Ialysos beach…

Raf Simons – New art book by Taschen

One of the best designers of our time, Raf Simons, now captured in a beautiful new art book from Taschen. It will give you an insight in his impeccably tailored menswear line, how he reinvented Jil Sander, and created a new look since he took charge of Dior in 2012. The book includes 120 pages of photographs as well as essays, interviews and quotes from the designer himself. A must-have for all fashion lovers out there!


Healthy delicious quick breakfast tip

In the morning, I don’t like to spend much time on preparing breakfast. But I do want something healthy that will keep me going till lunch. As some of you know, I am not really a kitchen princess, I like cooking to be simple and the end result to be delicious. When I discovered these 2 breakfast options, I was thrilled and happy to share them with you!

Green smoothie
2 hands full of spinach leaves + 1 banana + one hand full of blueberries + one cup of water in a blender and you end up with this great tasting green smoothie. With the combination of the high-energy foods spinach & banana and the superstar anti-oxidant qualities of blueberries, this smoothie is one hell of a powerful weapon to start the day with.
2 eggs + 1 banana …YEAH, pancakes with only 2 ingredients. First purée the banana in a bowl with a fork, then add the eggs and mix it all together. Get a pan and start making these lovely pancakes. I prefer to make small ones, so you can make 3 at the time. You will be surprised how good these taste! For the healthy foodies here, you can add some chia seeds to the mixture and use coconut oil to fry the pancakes.

Sounds like a good breakfast to you? Enjoy!

Introducing new blog section: HEALTH

Your fashionista is becoming a foodie!

Lately I haven’t been around here much, because I have been spending much of my time to a new found interest: healthy food. For a project of mine, I have been diving into the topic of nutrition and what we should be doing to optimize our bodies by putting the right stuff into our mouth. I just finished reading the Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder (blog). What an eye-opener! I can highly recommend reading this book. It’s not that I want to completely change my food routine, but it never hurts to make it a bit healthier.

BeautyDetoxSolutionBookSo I have decided to add a new section to my blog, called HEALTH. In this section I will be adding more posts related to healthy living and food. The people who know me will be surprised to learn that reading about nutrition has drawn me into the kitchen to cook. Yes, I know, ME… cooking…. My boyfriend (who is normally the one putting great food on the table) was also very surprised to see this new “trend” at home and thus far he liked the vegetarian/vegan dishes I have been experimenting with.

IMG_2998For now I want to share with you the change I have made in my morning routine. I am staring the day now with a green smoothie or juice, preferably the Glowing Green Smoothie from Kimberly Snyder for beautiful looking skin and an energetic start of the day. It contains spinach, romaine salad, celery, pears, apples, lemon juice and a banana. But you can ‘personalise’ based on your personal taste. This will give you the kick-start you need in the morning! Beauty and healthy combined in a liquid breakfast. Cheers ;-)