Pictures and Quotes from the Vogue Festival 2013


Victoria Beckham on what advise she can give starting entrepreneurs:
“Be ambitious, aim high and stay focused.”

Alber Elbaz on the final advise his mom gave him before she died:
“She said to me: be big and small. I asked her: do you mean tall and skinny? She said: no, be big in your work and small in life.

Donatella Versace on her health routine:
“I run 3 to 4 times a week. But I had to fire one personal trainer because he didn’t allow me to smoke (during training).” 

Mario Testino on his most memorable shoot:
“Princess Diana, because she was a very special person and the significance it had for my career.”

Fiona Golfar, Vogue editor-at-large, during the body issue roundtable:
“Funny over skinny.”

Alber Elbaz and his magic wand

This time around he used his magic for his first make-up adventure with Lancôme.

Elbaz_portretElbaz questioned what he could bring to the world of cosmetics, but this is how he explains his contribution: “Once I was in a fancy place where there was this group of people that were all shining. The shoes were shining, the hair was shining, the skin, watches and diamonds — but the eyes were not shining. I thought if I were to do a project I would love to do a ‘happy eye’ project to make the eyes shine.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enter his brain for one day and see how he works his magic? Later today I will be off to London for the Vogue Festival and I am soooo looking forward to his talk on Sunday. More about that when I’m back in the Sofischoice office.

The limited-edition collection Hypnôse Show is due to hit counters worldwide on June 15.