Anja Rubik launches erotic fashion mag

Today, Anja Rubik is launching her vision of 25 Magazine. She got involved with the magazine in 2009, but has now taken over full control and she has given it a completely new face! What better place to present her first edition than in Cannes.

The magazine, which will read more like a photo album with its 300 pages of glossy photographs, will feature erotic imagery by all female photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Ellen von Unwerth. “25 is basically directed toward very strong-minded, ambitious women, who are very comfortable with themselves and their sexuality,” Anja told “I was thinking a lot recently and looking how sex is approached nowadays, and nudity, and bodies. Erotica kind of disappeared. The way we approach sex is either really prude or very vulgar.”

25 is inspired by the 1970 adult erotic women’s magazine Viva, which featured everything from articles to images focused around women’s sexuality and fantasies. And while we should expect to see a lot of nude imagery, Anja emphasizes that “it’s mainly a fashion magazine, but with an erotic twist.”
25 will soon be the new 69!

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