The iconic Levi’s 501

The 501 is celebrating its 140 years anniversary. The classic jeans of all jeans has unfortunately lost lots of its glory. I remember that in the late 80’s – beginning 90’s, you had to have a 501 or you were not cool. The term boyfriend jeans was not a fashion term yet, but we were all wearing them. There was no other jeans that had such a reputation. But they lost it along the way. A few year ago, Levi’s realised they lost their status with all these new hip brands and designer jeans taking their share of the market and they were back with advertising and branding campaign. But I don’t think they will ever regain the jeans throne they once had. As a celebration of the good old days, please enjoy the sexy 501 ads from that time with Nick Kamen, supermodel Tatjana Patiz and Brad Pitt: