Black beauty pow(d)er

Activated_charcoalHave you ever heard about activated charcoal?

No, it’s not the charcoal you use for drawing, but the medicinal version of it. It has the incredible powers to attract toxins like a magnet. It was already used in hospitals for specific treatments… but of course the beauty industry discovered it and found many new ways to benefit from it. Going from juices to face masks, toothpaste and facial cleansers.

I love the black masks because they clarify the pores and get rid of any impurities. The new beauty line of H&M has some nice face masks with activated coal in them. Soft baby skin guaranteed! Once a week, I also use the powder to brush my teeth with. You’re not going to get a blinding bright white smile with it, but your teeth will get a few shades whiter. And from time to time I treat myself with a Black Box 3-day detox from Detox Delight. Because beauty also comes from the inside out.

What about you? Will you be using one of these black beauty wonders any time soon?

  1. Origins – Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores
  2. Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Black Toothpaste
  3. Lush – Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser
  4. Detox Delight – Black Box 3-day Detox