Rainbow Hair Trend No thank you!

Why is this even considered a trend? It’s not because Katy goes blue and Lady Gaga goes yellow, that we all need to go to the color department. Kelly Osbourne and Niki Minaj are also not on my list of style queens. These women are performing artists.They live in their own bubble, far away from reality (also known as life as we know it).

According to “trend” reports, you can either go for full color or dip-dye, poppy colors or pastels. You can paint your hair, use colored gel or spray color like for carnival or upcoming Queens Day in Holland.¬†We’ve seen it only a few times on the runways (Thakoon en Narciso Rodriguez) and only some celebrities tried it out. That is hardly worth calling it a trend. But, it’s in Vogue Magazine and we know that “it is in Vogue before it’s in fashion”. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get that far.

I can’t help it, but it reminds me too much about Mrs. Slocombe in Are you being served. Verdict: No thank you!