Life is like a box of crayons

According to Fendi, life is all about using the whole box of crayons. The Italian brand just launched a viral campaign promoting their new collection of small leather goods.

They created a funny video and pushed it into the world wide web, instead of going for the traditional print advertising campaigns in fashion magazines. The target group of these less expensive designer items are young women and how better to reach out to these via a vibrant emotional campaign in their natural habitat: the web.

Unfortunately Fendi did miss some huge opportunities by not making the video easily shareable from their website and having no direct link to an eCommerce experience.

Just recently, Louis Vuitton also went viral with a video promoting the Mini Icons collection.

More and more luxury brands are going social and adding this channel as an important part of their marketing plans. Customers are getting younger and they digest other channels than just print media, so luxury brands need to shift with them and¬† add new crayons to the box…

Polkadot Madness

Last week, Louis Vuitton and Japanse art-designer Kusama launched their joint collection for the fashion house. Yayoi Kusama is the most famous Japanese artist on the scene today and she has a crazy obsession with polkadots. It can be no surprise that the collection Marc Jacobs created with her as inspiration is all about the dots!

The Louis Vuitton flagship store in NYC was completely wrapped in polka dots for the launch and Kusama happily posed in the window, in the middle of one of her creations.

To support the launch of their collaboration, they created a very cool app (available on iTunes). With the App you can transform anything into a polkadot composition.