My top sale items

I have a couple of rules when I hit the sales, but the most important one is that I go for nothing less than 50% off. I want to get the feeling that I found something amazing at a great price. I am particularly proud of the MiH jeans and fringe boots I bought for half the price! I’m also very happy with the beautiful cape I found at Zara and a super sexy bright blue pencil skirt from Vanilia. They will be starring in my outfit posts soon!


Jeans update: Gwyneth and MiH collaborating

Gwyneth Paltrow has teamed up with denim label brand MiH to create the perfect pair of jeans. I recently added a MiH jeans to my collection and – oh my God – they are PERFECT. So I was pretty excited when I heard about it.

When I think of a collaboration, I would expect them to come up with something new. But, funny enough, she picked the existing popular Marrakech flare leg which I adore and did a make-over in ‘Real Blue’ for Goop – the website through which Gwyneth and het team dispense what she calls ‘life’s positives’.  In other words, Gwyneth just added a new color to the palette of the Marrakesh jeans. That doesn’t sound very impressive, but then again…. some things are just too perfect and don’t need more than that.