Mila or Blake? Dior or Gucci?

With London 2012 going on right now, it’s all about competition.
So in this battle, who will it be? Mila? or Blake?

The 2 movie actresses are both starring in top fashion brand campaigns.
Do you prefer old glam in the black and white video from Dior featuring Mila for the Miss Dior bag collection?
Or new glam in the sexy video from Gucci starring Blake for the launch of the new perfume Premiere?


Followers of my blog know that I have a soft spot for Dior right now, so my choice is easy… What’s yours?

Dior’s retrospective

Dior is on a retro trip and I LOVE it!
Have you seen the latest commercial of Dior Addict with Daphne Groeneveld. So lovely, so Bardot! And now the Miss Dior Handbag campaign with Mila Kunis. Set in the 50’s in B/W. The fashion house is definitely celebrating its history. It’s all so classy and feminine, but with a playful and modern touch to it. What a beautiful example of good marketing!