Vogue Health Pact: the intentions were good…

but the execution failed.

A while ago, Vogue proudly communicated their Health Pact which basically meant that they would be working with healthy models in the future. Vogue China did use a healthy model for their June issue: Doutzen Kroes. Unfortunately, they felt the need to Photoshop her in a very unhealthy fashion, resulting into amputating her leg (and possibly also her arm).

I had already expressed my doubts about this pact from Vogue (read post), but this is just too crazy for words!

H&M Photoshop Protest

Earlier this month, H&M launched their bikini campaign with Isabeli Fontana. I actually thought it was very beautiful, but apparently there were quite some people who felt insulted by the fact that the model was too brown. (Isn’t that actually racist of these people to think that??)

It resulted in H&M publicly apologizing for this campaign. An artists in Germany didn’t think that was good enough, and added a Photoshop toolbar to the H&M billboard posters in Hamburg. Although I still believe people are over-reacting here, I do think that this person made his opinion clear in a very original fashion.

RL – Photoshop Disaster

Yes, Ralph Lauren did it once again. After an enormous scandal in 2009 for their jeans ad, they still have problems mastering Photoshop. Or does this model with the mysterious small arm exists?

I don’t get it… There are so many beautiful models out there, who already have unhealthy model sizes. So why do they still have to make them even thinner with Photoshop? With an ad, a brand wants to appeal to their audience. Maybe theirs is on Mars?

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