Ray-Ban 75th Anniversary Campaign

Ray-Ban  will celebrate its 75th anniversary this year, with a new collection and advertising campaign that nods to its storied history. The “Legends” campaign tells the 75-year spirit of the brand’s “Never Hide” motto. Shot by Mark Seliger in Los Angeles, the campaign features seven images who capture seven historic moments, one per decade, and span from the Thirties to the Nineties. The most controversial image includes a gay couple holding hands in the Fifties, but there is also the image of a white rapper performing in front of an African-American audience in the Nineties (reference to Eminem).

The collection itself will include four aviators with a light-sensitive photochromic yellow lens that darkens depending on light and temperature conditions. Available in 4 different shapes, including the shooter with the middle circle. That circle was not just for esthetics, but it could also be used as a cigarette holder to free the hands of the men when hunting.

Source/pictures: WWD