There was a lot of commotion today amongst fashion lovers and insiders. It is rumored that Yves Saint Laurent will disappear from the stage. That is, the name of the fashion house will be re-branded.

Hedi Slimane, the new creative director, is eager to make some drastic changes to the fashion label to give it the new modern vibe for which Slimane was hired to do. Rumor has it, and according to Women’s Wear Daily it has been confirmed, that the name Yves Saint Laurent will change into Saint Laurent Paris.

Does this mean that the famous YSL initials will disappear as well?? Fashionistas have already expressed their concerns about this on Twitter and the Web.

We already deleted Christian from the Dior brand and Coco from the Chanel brand. Are we losing now Yves as well?

Benetton: what’s next?

In the 80’s and 90’s, Benetton was trendy, cool and controversial. As a marketing student, I really admired their edgy & provocative advertising campaigns. All of a sudden, the whole world knew who Oliviero Toscani was – top photographer and creative director at Benetton from 1982 till 2000. They used topics like politics, aids and racism to evoke attention and it had an enormous impact on sales. Their success story was studied in every business school. But what has happened to this brand, that nowadays it has disappeared completely from our radar? How fashion forward they were then, so out of trend they are now. For a brief moment, they were in the spotlight again with their “unhate” campaign. But they quickly disappeared from the stage again.

Will Alessandra Benetton, the new CEO of the Italian fashion house, achieve the company’s turnaround?

Sales have stagnated since 2000 (that was also the year Toscani left the company).  In comparison, H&M quadrupled their sales in the past decade and Inditex increased sales about sixfold. And as we know, in business, standing still means going backwards.

I am not really sure if they will manage to put themselves back on the map. It will take some drastic changes when it comes to business model, market positioning and collection design. They will have to reinvent themselves completely. I would love to put my teeth into this rebranding :-)

Lacoste – Unconventional Chic

Last year, Lacoste introduced an updated look for its concept stores, a new advertising campaign titled ‘Unconventional Chic’ and fresh product lines. The rebranding follows the appointment of José Luis Duran as the CEO. His mission has been “to bring Lacoste into the modern world”, rejuvenating the brand to better meet the desires of its customers. In order to achieve that, he brought designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista – who has experience with brands such as Max Mara, Cerruti and Nike – into the company.

The Unconventional Chic campaign continues in 2012, introducing Adrien Brody as the face of the campaign for the men’s collection. Watch the mood clip with Adrien Brody on Unconventional Chic.

I truly believe that Lacoste has managed to give a new dimention to the brand and stay honest to its roots. It looked like the rebranding was not going into the right direction with the Eau de Lacoste advert, but the Unconventional Chic campaign was (and still is) a real hit! Lacoste has always been a quality brand and finally they managed to bring the crocodile into the modern world.