Pictures and Quotes from the Vogue Festival 2013


Victoria Beckham on what advise she can give starting entrepreneurs:
“Be ambitious, aim high and stay focused.”

Alber Elbaz on the final advise his mom gave him before she died:
“She said to me: be big and small. I asked her: do you mean tall and skinny? She said: no, be big in your work and small in life.

Donatella Versace on her health routine:
“I run 3 to 4 times a week. But I had to fire one personal trainer because he didn’t allow me to smoke (during training).” 

Mario Testino on his most memorable shoot:
“Princess Diana, because she was a very special person and the significance it had for my career.”

Fiona Golfar, Vogue editor-at-large, during the body issue roundtable:
“Funny over skinny.”

Victoria Beckham à la française

What happens when you give Karl Lagerfeld a camera and Victoria Beckham as his model? An amazing photo shoot for Elle France!

We’ve seen many great photo shoots from both, before and behind the camera, but this collaboration between fashion royalty has worked its magic: the mood of the B/W pictures, the luxurious setting and an amazingly looking Victoria. I predict the copies of the November Elle edition will be out of the shops in no time. My favourite picture is of course the one on the iconic Coco Chanel staircase with the mirrors. Enjoy.

Seeing the beauty of this…I still don’t understand what Chanel was thinking when producing the new Chanel No 5 commercial with Brad Pitt. I guess Karl Lagerfeld did not oversee that project closely enough…

Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Evoque Special Edition

It’s been 18 months in the making, but in Beijing Victoria Beckham revealed her design debut for Range Rover. “When I first started working with the team I did a lot of research, and created mood boards to show the team my love of timeless and classic design. I looked at yachts, luxury jets and classic cars.” Virctoria was appointed creative design executive at Range Rover in 2010. “I have an enormous amount of respect for the brand. I’ve always driven a Range Rover, for me they are the epitome of quality and luxury.” There will only be 200 cars produced of this special edition, price tag 80K pounds.
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