Angels descending from heaven

Yesterday, New York was the city of angels… Victoria’s Secret Angels! Even the forces of Sandy could not hold them back. The show was as sexy and glamorous as ever with musical performances from Bruno Mars, Rihana and Justin Bieber. It’s the biggest fashion show on earth starring the most beautiful women. This show is clearly more about the models/angels than the lingerie.

Highlights: Adriana Lima hit the catwalk only 8 weeks after giving birth to her baby daughter! Alessandra Ambrosio got the honors of wearing the $2.5 million jewelled fantasy bra this year.

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a dream for lots of girls. Not only comes it with a great pay check, but these girls have a super-natural model status.  Which comes at a price of course. They are super healthy and practically live in the gym. But for 7.3 million USD earnings per year, one can suffer a bit…

The full show will be broadcasted on December 4th, but you can already have a “taste” of it with this clip:

Pictures: The Fashion Spot

Victoria’s Secret is crossing the ocean

US lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has confirmed that its first UK store will open on July 25. For the launch of the store on Bond street, the Angels will take the runway to flaunt one-of-a-kind creations (with wings). A second store will open the following day at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.

I am really excited by this news, as I am a huge VS fan. Each time I go to the US or know someone who’s going, I make my shopping list.  Let’s hope that very soon after the opening of the stores in London, there will be others opening in Europe as well! Keeping my fingers crossed…