Everybody loves Grace

It’s always been Grace. Only, we didn’t know it… until “The September Issue” showed that the real star at Vogue US is not Anna Wintour.

Grace Coddington offered a glimpse into her past during the documentary, but not enough, which is why “Grace: A Memoir” is such a welcome arrival. The book is a fascinating tale of a girl from Wales who grows from Vogue cover girl to the highly respected Vogue editor. Grace is fashion royalty, who’s been influencing the fashion world for many years silently behind the scenes. Now it’s time for Grace to tell her story!

Grace: A Memoir is available at Amazon.

Watch Grace Coddington’s College Talk with Sarah Mower (November 23)

Interesting read: Grace Coddington – Creative Indeed / article from Intelligent Life Magazine (Spring 2011)

Ready, set, GO: September Issues!

The September issues of fashion magazines are THE must have editions. Without them, fashionistas like we are, are lost. And being on the cover of the September issue means a lot. Here are the September cover girls, with Lady Gaga up front as cover girl of the US Vogue and Karlie Kloss with 2 Vogue covers!

I’ve been holding it off for a while, but that means that I need to start working on my trend report this weekend….

Vogue Health Pact: the intentions were good…

but the execution failed.

A while ago, Vogue proudly communicated their Health Pact which basically meant that they would be working with healthy models in the future. Vogue China did use a healthy model for their June issue: Doutzen Kroes. Unfortunately, they felt the need to Photoshop her in a very unhealthy fashion, resulting into amputating her leg (and possibly also her arm).

I had already expressed my doubts about this pact from Vogue (read post), but this is just too crazy for words!

Woman of Style – Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is everywhere right now. She is on promotion tour for her 2 movies, Snow White & the Huntsmen and Prometheus. And she does it in style! Also her recent cover shoot for Vogue was just fabulous.

She is not just a beautiful woman and a great actress, but she is also smart and has a big heart. In 2007 she founded the African Outreach Project to help keep (South-)African youth safe from Aids/HIV. Earlier this year the adoption of son Jackson was finalized and she became a single mom. But what I like about her the most, is the fact that she seems so grounded. If you like her as much as I do, check out this interview with David Poland.

Vogue “Healthy” June Cover Models

As a follow-up on my post regarding Vogue’s health pact, I wanted to show you my selection of models who fit into the initiative:

  1. Doutzen Kroes
  2. Daria Werbowy
  3. Lara Stone
  4. Barbara Palvin
  5. Toni Garn

Now, I checked the June covers of some Vogue editions and I must say that some did well and others didn’t. The UK put Kate Moss on the cover, who is not really a role model of healthy living. The US played it smart, by putting US athletes on the cover. Thumbs up for Australia (Daria), Germany (Carolyn), China (Doutzen) and Japan (Candice)!

Skeptical about Vogue’s Health Initiative

Launching across 19 international June editions of Vogue , ‘The Health Initiative’ is a pact between the magazines’ editors to encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry.

I can’t help being a bit skeptical about this. Starting with the first rule of the pact, because it leaves so much room for interpretation: We will not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder. We will work with models who, in our view, are healthy and help to promote a healthy body image. 

The initiative builds on the guidelines already drawn out (in 2007) by Council of Fashion Designers of America with the support of American Vogue in the US. But still Vogue US felt the need to photoshop Adele to a slimmer version of herself on the March 2012 cover!?

Let’s hope that covers like these with Karlie Kloss and Anja Rubik will be for the archives. It will be difficult for the Vogue editors to find healthy top models, as these girls still need to comply to the rules set by the designers, otherwise they will not appear on the runway or in ad campaigns. Size 0 is still the norm for many designer houses…