What color type are you?

Defining your seasonal color type, is all about finding the right color palette which will complement the coloring of your skin, hair and eyes. Wearing the right color can make a big difference in looking healthier, younger, slimmer and brighter. I went to a color consultant many years ago and I always have my color card with me. I don’t always stick to the rules, but it gives good directions.

How to find out which type you are?

  • Overall: low level of contrast, cool and ashy coloring.
  • Skin: cool with pink or blue undertone.
  • Eyes: soft, cool tone. Slate and blue, often with some grey.
  • Hair: ranging from the lightest and ashiest blonde to deep ash brown.

  • Overall: high contrast between your hair color, eye color and skin tone.
  • Skin: bluish or pinkish, cool undertones.
  • Eyes: intense (charcoal grey, blue, bright blue, violet, emerald green, black, black-brown, dark hazel).
  • Hair: very black to dark brown hair.

  • Overall: Low level of contrast between hair, skin and eye color. Dark hair, pale skin with clear eyes is also possible.
  • Skin: Clear, warm and golden undertone.
  • Eyes: ranging from turquoise blue to hazel and sparkly light brown.
  • Hair: brown to coppery red, strawberry, deep golden to light blonde hair.

  • Overall:  A lot of depth to your coloring with golden undertones.
  • Skin: warm undertone.
  • Eyes: black-brown, deep to medium brown, bright brown, deep green, hazel, dark blue, blue-green.
  • Hair:  strawberry blonde hair, chestnut brown or rich red hair

But there are more nuances than just these 4 seasonal types. Within each type you have 3 variances.

This diagram shows the 12 flow categories and their relationships to the seasonal categories.

  • Cool: Winter or summer with cool skin, hair and eyes
  • Warm: Autumn or spring with warm skin, hair and eyes
  • Clear: Winter or spring with stunning eyes.
  • Deep: Winter or autumn with dark hair and eyes and warm skin
  • Light: Summer or spring with light skin, hair and eyes
  • Soft: Summer or autumn with either velvety/chocolaty looking, “heavy” neutral looking or light neutral looking

Next time when you go shopping, keep these color directions in mind. You might also want to use them when cleaning out your wardrobe :-) The color palettes are mainly for items you wear close to your face, so for trousers and skirts you don’t really have to stick to any rules. Have fun with them!